Must-Have Tools for 3D Printing

Understanding the Essentials

As someone who has been involved in the 3D printing industry for a long time, I often get asked what the essential tools are for 3D printing. While there are certainly a lot of fancy accessories out there, there are some basic tools that every 3D printer owner should have.

Allen Keys

First and foremost, you need a set of Allen keys. These are hexagonal-shaped tools that come in different sizes. They are used to tighten and loosen bolts, which are found on most 3D printers. It’s important to have a set of these on hand because they are used to adjust and maintain the printer.


Another essential tool is a set of pliers. These are useful for removing support material from prints, as well as tightening and loosening nuts and bolts. There are different types of pliers available, but I recommend getting a set of needle-nose pliers and a set of regular pliers.


Screwdrivers are also essential for 3D printing. You will need them to tighten and loosen screws, as well as to adjust the printer’s bed. I recommend getting a set of flathead and Phillips head screwdrivers in different sizes.

Upgrading Your 3D Printing Experience

Once you have the essential tools, you may want to consider upgrading your 3D printing experience with some additional accessories.

A key takeaway from this text is that while there are many accessories available for 3D printing, there are some basic tools that every 3D printer owner should have, including Allen keys, pliers, and screwdrivers. Additionally, it is important to consider accessories such as filament storage, nozzle cleaning kits, and build plate adhesion solutions for a better 3D printing experience. For more advanced 3D printer users, tools like digital calipers, multi-material printers, laser engravers, and upgraded build plates can enhance their printing capabilities further.

Filament Storage

One of the most important accessories you can get for 3D printing is a filament storage solution. Filament is the material that is used to print objects, and it can be quite sensitive to moisture. If it gets too humid, it can cause the filament to become brittle and break. A filament storage solution will keep your filament dry and protected from the environment.

Nozzle Cleaning Kit

Over time, the nozzle on your 3D printer can become clogged with filament. This can cause problems with your prints and can even damage your printer. A nozzle cleaning kit is an essential accessory that will help you keep your printer’s nozzle clean and in good working order.

Build Plate Adhesion

Another important accessory for 3D printing is a build plate adhesion solution. This is a material that is applied to the build plate to help the print stick to the surface. There are different types of build plate adhesion solutions available, including glue sticks, hair spray, and special adhesive sheets.

Advanced Tools for the Pros

If you’re an advanced 3D printer user, there are some more advanced tools that you may want to consider.

Digital Calipers

One of the most important tools for advanced 3D printing is a set of digital calipers. These are used to measure the dimensions of your prints with a high degree of accuracy. This is essential if you want to create complex prints with precise dimensions.

Multi-Material Printers

Another advanced tool for 3D printing is a multi-material printer. These printers are capable of printing with more than one type of material. This is useful if you want to create prints with different colors or materials.

Laser Engravers

Finally, laser engravers are becoming more popular in the 3D printing community. These tools allow you to engrave designs and patterns into your prints, adding an extra level of customization to your creations.

Upgraded Build Plate

An upgraded build plate is another accessory that can enhance your 3D printing experience. A build plate is the surface on which you print your objects. An upgraded build plate can offer better adhesion, a smoother surface, and easier removal of completed prints.

FAQs for must have tools for 3d printing

What are the must-have tools for 3d printing?

There are some tools that every 3D printing enthusiast should have in their arsenal. Some of these essential items include tweezers, a scraper, needle-nose pliers, a set of hex keys and wrenches, a digital caliper, a filament cutter, and an unclogging tool. Additionally, it’s recommended to have a leveling and a calibration card, a filament guide, a set of safety glasses, and a nozzle cleaning kit.

Why is a digital caliper important for 3d printing?

A digital caliper is an essential tool in 3D printing because it helps to take precise measurements. Knowing the exact dimensions of a printed part is critical, as even small errors can lead to critical failures or cause parts not to fit together correctly. A digital caliper provides accurate readings to ensure that your 3D printed parts meet your specifications.

Can I use regular pliers instead of needle-nose pliers?

While regular pliers can be used for general purposes, needle-nose pliers are far more specialized and designed for intricate work. In 3D printing, needle-nose pliers are useful for removing support structures or cleaning out tight spaces. They provide more precision and control over the force applied and are less likely to damage the printed parts.

What type of scraper is best for 3d printing?

A scraper is an essential tool for removing printed parts from the printer bed. A spatula scraper with a sharp, thin blade and a comfortable handle is a popular choice among many 3D printing enthusiasts. The blade’s thin edge allows for easy access under the printed part, and the handle is usually ergonomic to prevent hand fatigue.

Why should I have a filament cutter?

Having a filament cutter is essential for removing any excess filament. Trimming the filament before loading it onto the printer can help prevent jams and improve the print quality. Additionally, cutting the excess filament after printing can save on material costs and keep your workspace tidy.

Why is it necessary to have a nozzle cleaning kit?

Having a nozzle cleaning kit is crucial for preventing blockages in 3D printing. A clogged nozzle can cause print quality issues or even damage the printer itself. A cleaning kit usually includes tools like a nozzle cleaning needle, wire brush, or other specialized cleaning tools used to remove debris. Regular cleaning of the 3D printer’s nozzle helps to ensure smooth and uninterrupted printing.